18 inch U-Shape Percolator Beaker(P045) - Blue
18 inch U-Shape Percolator Beaker(P045)

18 inch U-Shape Percolator Beaker(P045)


18 inch U-Shape Percolator Beaker

• U-shaped percolator
• Open-ended down stem
• Thickness: 7mm
• Base diameter: 140mm
• Colors: black | blue | green | pink | topaz

Horizontal u-shape percolator beaker with color glass mid-section. This is a 7mm thick one piece water pipe that comes with ice pinches and a unique perc with a splash guard that prevents water from entering the neck piece. The smoke passes through the tube and bends back down before exiting the diffusion slits through the ice pinch to give you smooth toke.


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Black, Blue, Green


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