Green Jay Pre-Roll Lighter
Green Jay Pre-Roll Lighter

Green Jay Pre-Roll Lighter


What’s in the Box:

Green Jay Pre-Roll Lighter
USB Charging Cord



Pre-Roll E-Lighter

Hiking off trail, camping with your friends, or just hanging out at home? No worries. The Green jay windproof lighter is the combustion free solution to light your pre-rolls wherever you go. The Green Jay Pre Roll Lighter is re-chargeable lighter with a long-lasting battery that is conveniently charged with any mini USB cable. Green Jays beautiful, minimal design astonishes everyone. Bring it with you. You will be the hero of the group.
Pre Roll Lighter Features:

The windproof lighter is a combustion-free solution to lighting pre-rolls
Fuel-free coil ignition eliminates need for liquid fuel
Re-chargeable and long-lasting battery of up to 30 hours
Can be charged by using any mini-USB cable
Discreet and minimal design for easy carrying
Auto-close system to ensure safety
Made of high-grade aluminium

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Black, Rose Gold, Teal


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