Omni HQ 10/14mm Female
Omni HQ 10/14mm Female
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Omni HQ 10/14mm Female

$239.99 $179.99

  • Product made of 100% fused Quartz. 99.9% Pure G.E. Semiconductor Grade Quartz
  • Very low coefficient of expansion (almost zero), 1/7th that of bore.
  • Extremely high thermal shock resistance (thin sections can be heated rapidly to 1500f and then plunged into water without cracking or losing integrity)
  • Best heat retention of all glass products available on market today

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OMNI Hybrid Quartz RT 10/14mm Female 

  • USAGE:
    To assemble, carefully twist 1/2 turn counter-clockwise to ensure threads are not crossed. Carefully turn clockwise to assemble. NEVER force on or off. If you encounter resistance, stop and turn counter-clockwise another 1/2 and then turn clockwise.
  • To disassemble, carefully turn counter-clockwise. If you encounter
    resistance, stop. Apply heat to loosen residue before continuing.
    Always keep threads clean and free of residue.


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